How to Apply to a SHSM Program

  1. Applications can be submitted in Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12.  Submitting an application in Grade 9 or 10 will ensure that your academic and experiential schedule will satisfy SHSM requirements.
  2. Complete the General Intention Sheet with signature. SHSM Intention Sheet (PDF Download)
  3. Email or send the application to the students’ secondary school Student Services Department:


Notre Dame College School

Dave Fucile

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Dave Fucile


Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Michelene Hauber

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Michelene Hauber


Saint Paul Catholic High School

Julio Candeloro

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Julio Candeloro


Saint Michael Catholic High School

Chris Zanutto

Guidance Program Chair


E-Mail: Chris Zanutto


Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Josephine Moretuzzo

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Josephine Moretuzzo


Denis Morris Catholic High School

Dino Petruzzi

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Dino Petruzzi


Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School

Liz Thomson

Guidance Program Chair


E-Mail: Liz Thomson


Lakeshore Catholic High School

Pina Griepsma

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Pina Griepsma

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